FAUX, "Take Back Time"

Post Author: Andre G

This Tuesday, take a flashback trip courtesy of FAUX, the newly-created, London-based music collective. Centered around producer and songwriter Josef Page, FAUX released their debut single and music video today, the 80’s influenced “Take Back Time” which features vocalist Sherry Davis of Netsky. Page wrote the song along with Amber Simone and crafted the track like the other two FAUX songs yet to come, in between sessions for the likes of Pixx, Raye, Dua Lipa, and Mullally.
Page said over e-mail that in the midst of creating for other artists, he wanted “an outlet to make music I loved without compromise. It had to be fun, collaborative and not try to be anything but just be that.” It looks like he crafted exactly what he desired with “Take Back Time,” a breezy ode to a missed romantic connection and the lament it engendered.
The record is definitely a harkening to the best of 80’s pop, but is mixed with a modern sheen that keeps it fresh. It’s also perhaps the most upbeat song in which you’ll hear the lyrics “leave me broken, so my eyes weep” all day.
The song was matched with a creative Cottam & Randall-directed video which showcases a dancer gracefully grooving through the London streets — backwards, completing the throwback song about going back in time inception.
You can download “Take Back Time” here.