Glass Gang, “Waves”

The Glass Gang have been hitting us up now for a while, sending mystery cloaked singles, minimalist and conceptual videos, all the while remaining aloof and acting super cool. Our inboxes were flooded and the switchboards from our offices got jammed when word of their Taylor Antisdel video hit the other day for the single, "Waves". You might remember it from one of our article features last year, or through other channels, but here listen as it Antisdel directs the song with long focuses on Romanian actress and model, Alexandra Chelaru.

Whereas on Taylor's previous video for the Gang with, "Time", a viscous dark liquid falls and fills spaces of the screen slowly. Again that bubbling crude re-emerges on the table, presented before Alexandra as a questionable and potentially offensive object. Keeping the aesthetic going, the hot stew is the opening shot in a white room occupied only by Chelaru, a table, and a chair. The b/w video furthers the Glass Gang's curation of their directions of sound and look, where long takes on Alexandra, black boots, black clad dress, and black tar porridge are shot in slow frame rates and pale contrasts. Suspense bubbles throughout the video like the contents of the bowl that fears for our heroine, where the long shot glances and anticipation of her consumption are all incubated by the psychic ways in which "Waves" assuages with abrasive guitars and Glass Gang's ambient undertow pull.

Catch Glass Gang tonight, March 20 at Irving Plaza for the last night of the Painted BLACK performance series with ASTR, Jimmy Q via Maje, SAINT PEPSI, and Ryan Hemsworth.