Gold Lake, “We Already Exist”

We writers in major metropolitan cities on the East Coast don't often get in touch with nature because, well, the concrete urban jungle is our nature. When watching Gold Lake's new video for their ethereal dreampop track "We Already Exist", we witnessed the unfamiliar: a sweeping vision of what beauty can be found in California's natural coastlines. With a woman dressed in flowing patterns and vibrant colors, topped with a silver geometrical dome, we see that exploring the "outdoors" can take on another meaning that isn't "going to the deli." The video is gorgeously shot and inhabits all the good feelings of childhood playtime, especially as it comes to a close with a somewhat NSFW scene of a woman disrobing and being free from her physical shackles. Explore nature by looking through your computer. Then maybe go outside.

Gold Lake will be playing on July 23 at Glasslands in New York with The Doorbells and Isadora.