Premiere: Greatest Hits, “Sexy Girl”

As of April of this year, Greatest Hits' full-length record, Breakdown, became available for any and all to download for FREE at their Bandcamp. A bedroom tour of synths, toy instruments, and a whole lot of freeform rowdiness, the record seems to perpetually set in summer on the beach in the 80s . . . on acid. Along with the release of the record to the greedy masses, Greatest Hits have been premiering new videos every couple of weeks for every song on the album. We debuted the first two here. And now we've been delivered the technicolor collage-dream for "Sexy Girl". It looks like it may have been ripped straight from the pages of an early 80s boobie mag—women in compromising positions and flashing their hoo-has in freeze frame pop up everywhere—but the highlight is definitely Zak Mering and Tyler Thacker getting in a good workout while they try to woo these "sexy girls". If you're into pitch shifts, tinny hi-hats, and multi-colored latex, all you have to do is press play.

The video was directed by June Dawn Jr. Stay tuned for more video releases from Greatest Hits.