Grubby Little Hands Premiere New Video For “Michael”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Grubby Little Hands is at a creative high with their newest music video for the airy single “Michael”. A duo comprised of Philadelphia-based songwriters and multi-instrumentalists (and immensely talented) Donnie Felton and Brian Hall, we expect Grubby Little Hands to be your go-to for perfection in production. They met as music and theory composition students in college, so they kind of know what’s up.

“Michael” is a song about frontman Donnie Felton’s now-estranged high school best friend, and how in recalling a person we’ve lost touch with, we end up filling in the missing pieces based on our past experiences with them, our imaginations, and the mythology that develops through the filter of time and distance. It’s thought-provoking, lyrically well-done, and really quite beautiful.

Says the band, “The video for “Michael” was made by filmmaker Brian Melton, with whom we’ve had a longstanding collaborative relationship. Melton has produced several music videos for Grubby Little Hands and he often curates visual projections at our live performances.”

In “Michael”, Melton explores this idea of blurring the lines between reality and imagination, as the main character of his video unravels into a full realization of his alter-ego, a flamboyant, neon-clad wrestler roaming the streets in search of his rival. We dig it, and it inspires us to find out more about our alter-egos. 

The video heavily features the beautiful city of Philadelphia and its greatest treasure, the people.

Garden Party is out now.