Guerilla Toss, “367 Equalizer”

Post Author: Jake Saunders

If you’re tripping on some sort of hallucinogenyou’ve probably stopped reading this by now and have moved on to the eye-popping piece of work that is the new Guerrilla Toss video for their song “367 Equalizer”. It’s ok, we forgive you.

The video is a psychedelic, lo-fi web art piece; a kind of trippy tribute to old 90’s computer graphics.Guerrilla Toss has always embodied a primal element in their music, and the video speaks to this in what is certainly a digitally primitive expression. It’s fittingly chaotic, sometimes accessible, mostly obscure and disconnected. The great thing about Guerrilla Toss is that you can either choose to intellectualize it all (like I just did), or you can just enjoy the madness for the wildly chaotic experience that it is. Great moments include a flaming sandwich superimposed on a bunch of distorted cereal boxes.

You can stream Guerilla Toss’ new EP, Smack the Brick here and scroll below to see their fill list of upcoming European tour dates.

Guerilla Toss tour dates:

22 Budweiss at Naab
23 Strasbourg at Stimultania
25 London at Old Blue Last
26 Paris at Les Instants Chavires
27 Bilbao at Mem Festival
28 Alhama de Mercia at Fiesta Privada
29 Alicante at Parilada Transtropicalia
30 Benicarlo at Lion Cafe

01 Porto at Maus Habitos
02 Lissbon at Musicbox
03 Madrid at El Perro de la Parte de Atras del Coche
04 Saint Feliu de Codines at Centre Civic la Fontea
05 Marseill at L’embombineuse
06 Lyon at Grrrnd Zero
07 Geneve at Cave du Magnoir
08 Berlin at Schokoladen
09 Munich at Cafe Kult
10 Hamburg at Astra Stube
11 Cologne at Gold + Beton
13 Den Hague at State x New Forms
14 Rotterdam at Poortgebouw
15 Halle/s at Huhnermanhatten
16 Pilzen at Pohoda