Habibi, “I Got the Moves”

At the beginning of the video for Brooklyn-based Habibi's "I Got the Moves", the girls are in a bit of a jam. Mean detention-master DJ Jonathan Toubin has trapped the girl gang in a silent prison where eating Burger Records hamburgers is outlawed. But when the clock strikes three, the girls hit the streets. Decked out in party apparel, the gals ditch the "cool" dudes in leather jackets and instead dance with dweeby boys. The video provides a lively visual for the bouncy jam. The Habibi girls can rule the party by themselves: "See me shakin' on the dancefloor alone / They wanna dance but I promise that I'll tell 'em all no." Next time there's a Habibi paty, please invite us.

"I Got the Moves" is the jangly single from Habibi's self-titled debut album, out now on Burger.