Holy Hum, "White Buzz"

Post Author: Ian Schneider
The musical child of Andrew Lee, Holy Hum is set to release its debut album in the fall.  In preparations for this release, “White Buzz” is hitting the airwaves as the first single off of the album. Along with Andrew (Vox, Guitar, Mellotron) there are Ash Poon (Guitar, Juno 60), Ryan Flowers (Moog Minitaur Synth, Bass Guitar), Rob Tornroos (Drums), and Allyson Foster (Vocals).  Lee has been touring across North America and Europe over the past 15 years, honing his craft and playing festivals and small venues a like.

White Buzz“, is a whopping almost 12 minute song that contains every sound imaginable.  The female vocals, provided by Foster, are eerie yet beautiful.  The synths are out of this world, and there is a screeching guitar solo thrown in there to really round it out.  This song was clearly a labor of love for Lee and his counterparts, and show great signs for what is to come from Holy Hum.

For more information about Holy Hum, you can visit their website.