Homeboy Sandman, “Refugee”

Harmony Korine’s Gummo was a savage vision of small town Middle America, specifically Xenia, OH post-tornado; depictions of poverty and a town in utter decay, reflected upon its uneducated youth. Homeboy Sandman finds himself in the desert equivalent in his video for “Refugee”, taken from the recently released Hallways LP.

Directed by Jeff Broadway, “Refugee” finds Homeboy Sandman wandering the desert only to come upon a small trailer community that exists among sun burnt shells of American products and the decomposing carcasses of desert critters and house cats. The desert of Eastern California is littered with these pockets of abandoned progress, but it doesn’t mean there can’t still be an oasis to be discovered. Homeboy Sandman stumbles upon salvation, specifically Salvation Mountain, an art installation that exists near Slab City, CA and the Salton Sea.

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Homeboy Sandman’s Hallways is out now on Stones Throw.