Isaiah Toothtaker, “Midnight”

When it comes to music with Isaiah Toothtaker, what's his is his and what's yours is his. He's jacked beats from the Super Duck Breaks record. He's titled a song "Faith No More". Along with producer Sixtoo, he fashioned himself among the seapunk movement. But I doubt anyone thought he was presumptous enough to title a record Illmatic 2, writing "handled that for him" (the him being Nas) on Toothtaker's Bandcamp.

The opening cut of Illmatic 2 is "Midnight", which is presented above by Toothtaker in a purgatorial scenario with a customized hunting knife (it has a tooth on the handle) in his hand. He is joined by a pale woman in white holding a mannequin head. Nas might have gone to hell when he was twelve for snuffing Jesus, but Toothtaker's jar of teeth has earned him a place where one's faith is tested.

"Midnight" sounds as though Steel Tipped Dove produced it with Toothtaker in mind. It's a twisted take on bedroom pop that is haunted by Toothtaker's presence rather than verbosely rapped over. For a record called Illmatic 2, it's not the "The Genesis" one expects, but in reading the liner notes we've learned the title was a suggestion from a fan in the comments section on Facebook.

Hear the entirety of Illmatic 2 here.