Illogic & Blockhead, “Neva Heard”

Illogic & Blockhead follow up their recent title single video for "Capture the Sun" with "Neva Heard" directed by Erik Anello with camera work from Laura Green. With forward CD skips, Blockhead spins a sample of 2001: A Space Odyssey's HAL giving the premonition of, "I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do" to preface Ill's logic to follow. Anello collages rolling pictures of lakes, chess tables, cities, freeways, and flashing portraits of the American landscape before bringing you to the lone "conscious with a purpose" image of Illogic.

The minimalist presentation of Illogic standing alone opens eyes and brings all attention to the Columbus, OH emcee's untold tales of bureaucrats, dreams and realities colliding together in our day and age of smashing through debt ceilings and sequestrations. "But you're left with no options when you acknowledge a glass ceiling, shattered shards, slice me up something crazy, but baby I'm healing fast every laugh is a Band-Aid, I never embrace fear because I am beyond all the things that man made, a day in the life of the nicest writer you have never heard".

In between the video's t-shirt changes, and baller earned and learned wisdom with lines like, "a rich man is one with happiness and his health"; Ill' divulges the fruitful quest of his own life pursuits. "I'd rather grow old, chilling with my children eating sandwiches, on the porch with my feet up than be in the streets with savages looking for scraps to eat up". Truths and words to live by.

Illogic & Blockhead's full-length Capture the Sun will be available April 16 from Man Bites Dog Records that features Atmosphere's Slug, Abstract Rude, Blueprint, and more.