Premiere: Unstoppable Death Machines, “Quit Your Whining & Shut Up” b/w “Head Trauma”

Brothers Mike and Billy Tucci are Unstoppable Death Machines, a bone crushing Brooklyn by Queens duo who debut the 2-in-1 video for "Quit Your Whining & Shut Up" and "Head Trauma" off their Slumlord / Space Time Continuum 7" EP​. Shot in grainy, 8mm film by Nick McManus, we follow the brothers for an afternoon session at a Queens Subway Station to the midtown rush madness of Manhattan's after-work crowd accelerated in hyper-nitrocellulose vision.

For Nick's visual treatment of "Quit Your Whining & Shut Up", we take a journey to the graffiti scrawled walls situated behind the Queensboro Plaza by the 59th Street Bridge. Admiring the spray painted tags as if Billy and Mike were at the Guggenheim, they give an impromptu out door performance amid the urban concrete artifices and overgrown weeds. Intended by the brothers to be a public service to remind folks in their own words to "ease up on the complaining and keep on chooglin"; the song's curt aphorism gets the message out loud and clear with, "quit, your, whining and shut up! Just shut up!"

But don't get too comfortable, as the video for "Head Trauma" continues the monochrome adventures down on the streets of mid-Manhattan where the camera perspective takes on the point of view of an executive's descent into frenetic madness on account of the Death Machines. As "Trauma" is dished out from Mike's meat grinding guitar, and ogrish howls; Billy hits the drums with all the staggering rhythmic fills he can muster as Nick's camera work turns the screws of dizzying overstimulation. As the street scene anxiety heightens in intensity, McManus's camera action kicks into motion sickness mode as the Tucci brothers appear at every corner, cross walk, wrecking an unbeatable presence and sound outside the swank Opia on E 57th St. And while the whiplash kicks in from the steady headbanging, the action moves from the sidewalk and into the dangerous busy traffic scene where the onslaught of taxis and buses prove to be the closest semblance and illusion of escape from the brothers' Unstoppable ear-drum- draining assault.

Unstoppable Death Machines' full-length We Come in Peace is available via Bandcamp.