Jonwayne, “The Come Up Pt.1 & 2” (feat. Scoop Deville)

Off Jonwayne's Rap Album One debut last year, "The Come Up Pt. 1 & 2" details the origin stories for Jonwayne and his LA homie Scoop Deville. The two come from different worlds, Jonwayne was the misunderstood kid who dealt with bullies, while Scoop was the son of Kid Frost, which meant he took limos to school instead of the bus.

Music is the crossroads for Scoop and Jonwayne. In Part 2 of the video, Jonwayne raps a mantra suitable for both of them, "if you don't recognize the hustle and discipline / then pay no attention / if you can't see me musically / then pay no attention / if you can't understand the movement / then pay no attention." It's one of many definitive statements Jonwayne slipped into his debut that speak to the true rules of appreciating music: a face has no value, it's craft strictly.

Jonwayne's Rap Album One is out now on Stones Throw.