Julian Klincewicz, “The Sad Life and Times of Delonly”

Post Author: Caitlin Greene

San Diego’s Julian Klincewicz of bands Christy and LUBE, who, respectively, released a full album last year and are working on an upcoming 7″, has shared new video for the solo acoustic single, “The Sad Life and Times of Delonly”. He splits the screen into floating squares of footage, where boat close-ups, ocean panorama, and shots of bowling alley regulars patch together in grimy home video intimacy. Klincewicz shot and edited the video while on tour in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia, and the road trip quality serves his wistful, hollowed-out vocals well. The stream-of-consciousness video-diary camera work lingers on objects’ and characters’ imperfections in search of something below the surface.