Ka & Preservation, “Still Heir”

If I were Linkedin with Ka, I’d endorse his profile as a homophone specialist. On A Night’s Gambit, he slyly wove Spanish with Zulu Nation slang in the hook for “Peace Akhi” and on his EP with producer Preservation, entitled 1200 B.C., Ka is at it again with “Still Heir”.

The video for “Still Heir” reflects Ka’s rhyme style in the cinematography, which should come as little surprise since he handled it himself. Ka is concise and concrete in his descriptions and visions of inner city life on record. As a director, he seeks out similar locations that depict desolation, isolation, decay, and solitude. As Ka raps “raised in ruins,” he isolates himself in empty stairways, bridge underpasses, and rooftops, as though he and Preservation are the last living orators of an urban underbelly. Ka is not the last remaining heir from battling for the crown, but a survivor who kept his head low and ear to the ground, treating every day as though survival was his only occupation.

Ka & Preservation’s 1200 B.C. is out now on Mondieu Music.