KaiL Baxley, "Killin' Floor"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Beautifully shot like a warm, jewel-toned feature film, soulful musician KaiL Baxley‘s music video for “Killin’ Floor” exists in slow motion, following a gorgeous woman (professional actress Michelle Forbes, an old friend of KaiL’s from LA) as she dresses up at her boudoir. We then witness her driving through the desert, looking to get somewhere fast, or – perhaps in this case – to get away from some place fast. But you will only find out what unfolds if you check out the short film in its entirety.
Says Director Ryan Sheehy of the project:

KaiL Baxley has written some of the most powerful lyrics that I’ve ever heard. After being introduced to his music all I wanted to do was hear more. Getting the chance become friends and collaborate with KaiL has been the greatest pleasure. His experiences and philosophy on life are inspiring to my art. I liked the fact that KaiL wanted to shoot this like as a short film instead of a music video. Together using KaiL‘s, [his manager] Sharyn’s, and my resources we were able to put together this awesome, simple narrative film and even feature the lovely and talented Michelle Forbes.

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