Premiere: Kriget, “Sleeping With Buddha”

Swedish experimentalist trio Kriget debut their video for "Sleeping with Buddha", that follows a guru on a surreal motorcycle ride through the backroads of Africa. Rejoining director Marko Bandobranski who oversaw their video "Holy Mountain", they take a dusty, Saharan pathway to enlightenment. This rough interpretation of Buddhism gives a visual for electro-horn-rhythm ride that illustrates the release of surroundings from within through a different type of yoga breath exhalation.

Gustav Bendt's horn putters like the dirt bike engine as Per Nordmark's techno rhythm sequence takes hold, clenched to the metrics of Christoffer Roth's bass. The opening buzzard pan is visually illustrated with shots of animal carcases and wind strewn folderol, as the adventure begins down the village trails. A local's casual cruise is interrupted of it's fragile normality with at first the image of a burrow pulling a wooden cart of burning, dried vegetation. Continuing on our motor cruise, we next take note of a burning minivan in the background as Bendt's saxophone battles against the flame like flicker of a melange of electronic effects.

Just as Kriget's sound on Dystopico spins topics and notions of dystopia into reinvented sound spaces; Bandobranski's video spins the post-apocalyptic setting outside the doomed metropolis as usual paradigm. Traveling along the vast rural roads through neighboring townships, you begin to wonder whether the biker is the causer of these array of fires or a shaman sent to survey, internalize, and then later release the sum of all damages from the fiery wreckages. As thick-sooted smoke rise is referenced throughout the video behind a concealed wall, Marko reveals this to be our biker hero at his destination, as he exhales a dark cloud emission of smoke like a condensed recapitulation of the day's events.

Kriget's album Dystopico will be available digitally July 2 from BLVVD.