Lakutis, “2 Ill For The Law”

Since Lakutis' I'm In The Forest EP in 2011, there's been a few guest verses of note but he's mostly become the long-haired guy getting buck at all the Greedhead-affiliated shows for two years running. It's not a knock, since he is always embraced and hoisted to the rafters by those who came to a rap show to throw bows. Lakutis has played an integral role in the success of many a' Brooklyn rap shows, but he's missed on the mic.

In the most glorious of fashion, Lakutis broke the silence with "2 Ill For The Law", a harrowing banger produced by the non-Wavves half of Sweet Valley (arguably the true producer talent based on this track?). Built on a refrain a Younger Hova would be kicking himself for letting slip by, Lakutis sees the police state that is modern New York and confidently snuffs presence it like a cigarette under his boot.

There should be a remix to this track featuring Isaiah Toothtaker. Make that happen.

Lakutis' Three Seashells is out later this year on Greedhead. What it does have now though, is an ill reference to Demolition Man.