Leapling, “Crooked”

Post Author: Jake Saunders

Leapling’s debut full-length, Vacant Page, is all about self-reflection. Dan Arnes, who writes all the Leapling songs, sings about solitude and change, at times simultaneously mulling over his own anxieties and giving himself a pep talk. It’s introspective in a way that feels wholly relatable.

In the music video for their single, “Crooked”, we see Arnes watching himself at a puppet show, only to leave the theater and realize he has become the puppet. It’s a fitting visual for the out of body observations in Arnes’ lyrics, and the dualities in the video match the dualities in the song: “If the moon doesn’t show, then the sun doesn’t know what to think,” and then later, “If it seems like the end, I’m a friend but I’m your enemy.”

Stream the video below (which Arnes produced, wrote, edited and directed, along with Liann Kaye). Vacant Page is out on Exploding in Sound and Inflated Records.