Premiere: Lotte Kestner, “Wrestler”

In the video debut for Lotte Kestner's "Wrestler", director Edgardo Flores captures the intimacy of kindred, held over feelings on repeat. The emotion-laden vocals of Anna-Lynne Williams are accompanied with the acoustic guitar heart strummed sparsity joined by minimalist chain-gang-clang percussion from Robert Gomez with an amp's sustained hum for extra warmth. Where memories of the heart are interjected into every moment and thought; elastic wings spring Williams back to the past's constant ruminations and paper bag hyperventilation across Washington State's pensive waters.

From the front deck of the ferry, Anna-Lynne wrestles in thoughts of a lost lover in recurring recounts of the past's happenstance. "It turns out I have a book of matches right here in my pocket, and you had climbed down a wall you must have been waiting there for me". The lonely single passenger ride from boat to a solo car ride home make for a quiet night in, left only with the television company of vintage Charlie Chaplin running amok inside a mirror maze.

With the rustic, orange sundown hues dancing where the water meets the coniferous Northwest earth, Anna-Lynne projects heart strung connections and metaphoric meanings to the elemental setting. "My heart is the color it makes when buildings reflect on the water, my heart is a building, and you are the ceiling". The deep felt sentiments proves inescapable, as every corner, every sidewalk and every stranger conjures up the old structural feelings, followed by a projected familiar image of that significant other standing across a two-way street.

And though Anna-Lynne wrestles in those anxious thoughts of the past; the bag-breathed anxiety subsides for a waking moment where the break of morning presents a feathered symbol of happiness. "I like it when there is hardly any lights and the morning it is fighting in my eyes". From the flashbacks of low lit heart to hearts over fruit plates; the sight of the blackbird echoes the forthcoming album title The Bluebird of Happiness, presenting a moment's panacea to an internal battle of heartbreak and the painful torture of replayed memories on a constant loop.

Lotte Kestner's new album The Bluebird of Happiness will be available February 26 from Saint Marie Records.