Mainland Share Behind the Scenes On Fun Track “Beggars” Alongside Favorite Spots in NYC

NYC-based Mainland – comprised of Jordan Topf (vocals/guitar), Corey Mullee (guitar/synth), and Alex Pitta (bass) – recently unleashed the fabulousness that is “Beggars” onto the world. “Beggars” is the first single from the band’s debut full length, Night Trials, due for release later this year via 300 Entertainment. The track, which was inspired by Topf’s late night experiences on the subway, is a mid-tempo, freeing anthem to the streets and people of one of the greatest cities in the world.

In honor of the success of their latest song, the guys have dropped a behind the scenes video about the track, and we’ve got the exclusive. We also got a list of some of their favorite places in iconic New York, photos and writings of which can be found below.

When the grind is getting us down we like to focus on our art or look at the things we are grateful for. We like to change minds whether it’s during our shows, from person to person, or by taking a little mental vacation. 

image2 (4)

One place to clear mind in NYC is the waterfront piers in Greenpoint. It’s a little less touristy than the waterfront in Williamsburg. Typically there are maybe five people there on the docks. And by looking at the city you are reminded of all the great things it can bring when the grind has got you down.

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Another place the band hits up when wanting that mental vacation on a week night are bars in Chinatown like Home Sweet Home (Where Jordan turned 21) or Happy Ending. They’re a little off the beaten path and have what you’re looking for in terms of decor. Sometimes Home Sweet Home will have soul records playing on any given night and it’s sure to take the edge off.

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Birdys in Bushwick is also a great new bar. They cater to musicians and the place always plays punk and new wave from the 70s/80s. It’s always nice to see familiar faces from friends’ bands.