Matt Bauer, “I Am Trying To Disappear”

Post Author: Jes Skolnik
Matt Bauer

Brooklyn’s Matt Bauer works in greyscale—the muted shifts in his brand of delicate, dark folk music may seem subtle but, when taken as a whole, paint a nuanced (if melancholy) emotional picture that could stand alongside the work of Chan Marshall or Jason Molina. The video for his new single, “I Am Trying To Disappear,” from his new album, Dream’s End, posits Bauer against city sky and ocean’s edge, letting the song’s lacework take center stage rather than interpreting it with overbearing imagery. Dream’s End is a deliberate, full-sounding record that utilizes rich instrumentation, much of it from treated instruments. (If you’re rightly wary of contemporary folk artists using the banjo in irritatingly precious ways, Bauer’s electric guitars strung banjo-style are a pleasant surprise.)

Dream’s End will be out on November 13, 2015 on Crossbill Records.

Matt Bauer tour dates:

11 Flagstaff, AZ at a house show
18 Sacramento, CA at 320 Harding Ave. Sacramento, CA 95833
19 Davis, CA at 239 3rd Street, Davis, CA 95616
21 Nevada City, CA at The National
22 Sonoma, CA at a house show
28 Salt Lake City, UT

15 Live on WFMU
19 Brooklyn, NY at Pete’s Candy Store