Maxo Kream ft. Lil Uzi Vert, "Mars"

Post Author: Andre G

Much has been made of the “menacing” sound of Houston MC Maxo Kream, a storyteller who’s gruff narratives exposes the grimness of his impoverished surroundings. For many, he’s seen as an antithesis of melodic trap and bounce rappers who frequently seem faded into the confines of their own inner narrative, be it the peaks of their high or the serotonin lows. The major appeal of Kream’s music is how he makes sense of his surroundings.
That’s what makes “Mars,” an upbeat collab with Lil Uzi Vert, an intriguing departure from his traditional output. This definitely feels like Kream taking a venture into Uzi’s (sometimes) carefree paradise, with playful synth plucks rolling about pitter-pattering hihats while Uzi harmonizes about his xan high. Kream doesn’t sound out of place though, adapting his pen to the vibes, letting us know he “be on lean like Hypotenuse.”
The play for more eyes works, as “Mars” could fit comfortably in the midst of a playlist featuring the most popular young trap rappers.