Milo, “besos, an exploration of sentimentality”

As Milo grooves to the sounds from his headphones, posing the question "ever find yourself asking where David Mamet is?", another question remains unanswered… where the hell is that dude?

On "Sweet Chin Music" (The Fisher King's Anthem) Milo told us he'd hit up Lebron for a verse before uploading himself into the Tron universe. Well, Lebron needs to check his damn inbox or Twitter DMs. While Milo awaits the MVP's reply, he cooly laxes in the Tron terrain, nodding and dancing along to "besos, an exploration of sentimentality".

Milo was kind enough to disclose that "besos" was written with a girl in mind, which leads to conclusions that Milo to wrote a love song, but formulated in a manner full of inside jokes and abstractions. Be wise when you tell someone "besos" reminds you of them or place the track on a mixtape dedicated to the one you pine for. Not everyone is equipped to understand what it means to be devoured like a hungry little muskrat.

Milo's Cavalcade is out now on Hellfyre Club.