Premiere: Aunt Dracula, “Timecoat”

It was July of 09 we dubbed Aunt Dracula the future of music. In a serendipitous twist, our estimation was not far off as Aunt Dracula never released its debut record until now.

Four years later Aunt Dracula's Face Peel is getting booted from the obscurity train and pressed to double vinyl. Strangely enough, we could look to the words we initially wrote on "Timecoat" in '09 and the application remains strong; kindred spirit to Paw Tracks, Brian Wilson, and Man Man. But no one knows Aunt Dracula as well as the brainchild behind it, Scott Daly, who smartly refers to his creations as "reptilian tropical freak pop" on AD's Bandcamp. He nails it particulary in identifying the song species of "Timecoat", which undergos chameleon-like sea changes in nine minutes. One minute Daly is channeling the same communal yelps often associated with Religious Girls, the next he's occupying the space of operatic Queen riffs against shredding metal ruin and roaring like Avey Tare on angel dust. Most importantly though, is that in those missing person, four years of silence, Daly did not touch the recordings; leaving the melody from Billy Joel's "You May Be Right" in there.

Aunt Dracula's Face Peel does not have a label home yet, but will be pressed to swirling double vinyl. A Face Peel remix record is in the works with contributions from Excepter, Damon Tutunjian of Swirlies, Duran Duran Duran, and Michael Vidal of Abe Vigoda. Aunt Dracula is also recording its new full length in Philadelphia with Jeff Zeigler, who recently recorded Kurt Vile, Purling Hiss, and The War On Drugs.

Stream all of Face Peel here.