Morning Smoke, “Waste My Time”

Post Author: Emily Chu
waste my time

Morning Smoke, a post punk band from Brighton, UK, was formed in late 2014 by Milo Mcnulty and Max Wright. Isaac Ide and Christopher Shaw joined shortly after and the band was completed. After releasing a couple singles last year, “Waste My Time” is their newest piece. The video is about as melancholy and ghostly as you’d expect, coming from a band called Morning Smoke.

A single face is mirrored on the black and white screen, slightly translucent as the image moves, and the face tries to pull away from itself, like a person dissociating into many. The face fades out and a triangle of guitar players swirl around one another, spiraling closer and closer until they disappear and a new triad approaches like the last. The melody is eerie, and the vocals are haunting. Each movement lags just enough so that the images seem wispy and sluggish – like smoke. Overlapping band members dominate the screen.

It’s almost-wistful in its artistic portrayal and we are big, big fans.

“Waste My Time” was directed by Jay Bartlett. Morning Smoke has plans for many more releases this year.