Model Aeroplanes, “Whatever Dress Suits You Better”

Post Author: Lena Rubin

Scottish quartet Model Aeroplanes have just debuted a fuzzy, poppy video to go with their single “Whatever Dress Suits You Better,” available to stream on Vevo today. The band is comprised of Ben Buist, Grant Irvine, Kieran Smith, and Rory Fleming-Stewart, all of whom appear in multicolored kaleidoscope visuals in the video.

“We are the dancing queens of green screen,” the group boasted on their Facebook page. Model Aeroplanes’ spirit of collaboration and friendship makes the video, “created, conceived, and inspired by team Model Aeroplanes,” truly a group effort. The synergy of the four, who have been playing music together since high school, comes to life in the visuals of “Dress.” Conceived to look like a vintage tape playing in a video cassette player, the video features purposefully lo-fis special effects and a kitschy 70s color palette. But the end of the video surprises – we see the band is really just standing in front of a green screen, and the song ends with Buist, Irvine, Smith, and Fleming-Stewart briefly talking and riffing, and we feel like we’ve been let in on a secret.

The track is fresh off of their EP Something Like Heaven, which was largely successful in the UK. They will be playing at the Electric Fields and Kendal Calling festivals in the UK, as well as Ireland’s Independence and Norway’s Bergenfest.

“Whatever Dress Suits You Better” will definitely get stuck in your head.