The Novelists Illustrate True Love in New Video for “Morris and Estelle”

Post Author: Corinne Pachl
morris and etelle

Out of Reno, Nevada, alt-rock group The Novelists are proud to present their new video for upbeat track “Morris and Estelle.”

This love story is the first track off of The Novelists’s new album, Breaking the Script.  As it turns out, the story behind the song is what initially brought the band together, who may not have begun writing music seriously without this story of Morris and Estelle.

The band breathes life into the tale of an elderly couple who have been married for nearly fifty years; they are forced to make an impossible decision when Morris is diagnosed with a painful degenerative disorder.  Do they face the disorder head on, or do they take matters into their own hands?  The answer may surprise you . . .

With this video, with this song, The Novelists show that growing old is not a tragedy in the slightest. In fact, growing old – especially with your best friend – is a true blessing.  We can all but hope for a love as strong as Morris and Estelle’s.

Breaking the Script is out now.