Myke Bogan, "Take The Nite Off"

Post Author: Andre G

Portland rapper Myke Bogan is soon set to drop Pool Party, his third project via EYRST records. He recently released “Take The Nite Off,” a story about good vibes with a girl whose lips are like “cotton candy clouds.” Bogan’s passionate, charismatic voice compels in the short space he occupies the track, but he decides to let fellow EYRST artist Blossom take the helm with luscious vocals atop the groovy, delicate production.
The song is paired with a Tim Slew-directed visual that showcases partygoers liplocking, in as much romantic bliss as Bogan and Blossom are singing and rhyming about. The video displays two different versions of intimacy: the first-basers making out, and the playful tugs Blossom makes at Bogan’s locs. The video works parallel with the buttery track to set a lovely precedent for Pool Party, due August 18th.