Nocando, “Little Green Monsters” (feat. Liphemra)

Inspired by controversial 90s film Natural Born Killers, Nocando's "Little Green Monsters" video gets away with murder or at least crimes that temper towards it and can go unreported in the seediest of sunny valley motels. Nocando and a femme fatale accomplice wrecklessly cruise the boulevards and trash a hotel room, all to the crowd of one kidnapped debutante who mouths of the derranged chorus "it is what it is / and everything is everything" like she's accepted her demise.

Produced by Elusive and featuring Liphemra, "Little Green Monsters" is Nocando addressing the bitter, deceitful, and secretive lives we can lead if we allow this world to control us. The single is off Nocando's Jimmy The Burnout LP due out February 4 on Hellfyre Club.