Open Mike Eagle, “Mef's Lament”

Open Mike Eagle is smart to keep the "mail to" address a mystery in "Mef's Lament". Are the statements being issued to rap critics who talk about it while Open Mike lives it (as Method Man once said)? Does this one go out to the Youtube and rap blog comments section? Or this is it venomous commentary towards the "Me" generation? Open Mike Eagle leaves it up to the listener's interpretation.

Produced by Ernest Gonzales, "Mef's Lament" is hinged on the wisdom of words spoken long ago by Method Man, words Meth might not have taken to heart when he first said "you don't know me and you don't know my style", but under the guidance of Open Mike Eagle have a renewed raw meat. This is the dark, slightly curmudgeon, side of Open Mike Eagle who took a similar writing style of "Middling" to that place where it's not funny anymore and crosses the line. This is where rap stops placating us as entertainment and Channel Zero returns to the airwaves with the bulletin that the number one public enemy is your opinion.

Stream Open Mike Eagle's Sir Rockabye EP at his Bandcamp.