OSHUN, “Protect Yourself”

Post Author: Andre G

OSHUN’s refreshing visual aesthetic and lyrical nods to African spiritualities put them at the fore of the millenial Afro-futurist movement. The duo recently released the Jonah Best-directed music video for “Protect Yourself”, a track from their ASASE YAA album. The video is perhaps their most ambitious yet.

The video starts by depicting MC/Producer Proda, the “unofficial third member” of OSHUN ascending to his “higher consciousness.” As Proda tries to escape the endless white expanse, the women peacefully implore him to “decide what his role in the community is,” before taking him back to the real world.”

“Protect Yourself” radiates a dreamy, blissful energy. Producer Eric David’s soft synths lay under the duo’s subtle cautions of “normalized illusions” and “fraudulent libations” in greater society. The track is no exercise in sanctimony, however. Early in their career, OSHUN has mastered the balance of enlightenment and entertainment, as evidenced by a dance breakdown to “clap, clap, clap for original man” over thumping 808 kicks.

The video showcases the duo zapping everyone in their sight with what’s presumably rays of consciousness, as the hook tells the listener to “check yourself, before you wreck yourself.” That old adage is as relevant as ever in these perilous times.