Ovum Hum, “Title Waive”

Post Author: Emily Chu

Have you heard of Ovum Hum? He’s an awesome new LA producer whose album–Summer Casts Shadows–is coming out in September, and we have the first track off of the record for you to listen to right here. The track is titled, “Title Waive,” and it’s more than stellar.

“Title Waive” has low undertones coursing throughout this entire piece, acting as the backbone to the music. Electronic strokes join in, creating dimension and layers to the sound. The sounds mingle together, creating waves of dark and slightly menacing vibes. The song feels moody in a way that you don’t know what exactly to feel during the piece. Your emotions are toyed with as you listen to the music, making every experience unique.

About the album, Ovum Hum says:
I wrote ‘Summer Casts Shadows’ last year while under an extreme amount of stress and heightened paranoia. I’d fallen deeply down a rabbit hole of conspiratorial meanderings, and I let the fear mongering wack jobs of YouTube “fame” get the better of me. As I hit my stride during the recording process, ‘Title Waive’ signified a turning point, not only with my approach to composition and experimentation, but with my overall state of mind. I found that through my complete and utter immersion into the creation of this album, my thoughts were expunged of the impending doom that is slowly beginning to permeate all of our daily lives. 

Summer Casts Shadows is out September 16th.