Bionik’s “The Way I Be” Tour Diary // Part 1

Post Author: Impose Automaton

This spring, Bionik set out on his “The Way I Be” tour. He created an incredible video diary showcasing his experiences, and we’ve got Part 1 for you exclusively on IMPOSE. 

I start off my summer tour “The Way I Be” at Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, IL where literally thousands of campers converge for a weekend of music, togetherness and chicanery in beautiful Three Sisters Park. I met many interesting people and was struck by the genuine feel of camaraderie and generosity. I had a great time dropping bass in the Vibes Tent and the people were ready to party! Next stop, Minneapolis, MN for Sound Set. Stay Tuned! Bio Out

Tour Dates
Aug 5-7 ARISE Fest – Loveland, CO
Aug 26-28 Imagine Music Fest – Atlanta GA
Sept 1-5  Backwoods Fest – Stroud OK

Bionik’s The Way I Be EP is out now on Party Time Society.