Premiere: Plateaus, “Blackout”

Art Fag Recordings' band Plateaus has shared with us a video for the track "Blackout" off their self-titled debut LP and it is nothing if not a bloody, raucous tableau that could entertain for days. Clocking in at one-second under two minutes, it's a frenzied animated video that shows particularly gruesome deaths the likes of smashing skulls and swords to the brain, and when the incredible art (done by Young Parasites aka Taylor Johnson) is paired with the fastpaced, grungy beat of the Plateaus song, it's likely a video you'll watch on repeat.

Plateaus will be going on a West Coast tour mid-April, so if you're out there, don't miss it. Their debut LP, Plateaus, can be purchased here and in stores.

4/11/2013 San Francisco CA Bottom of the Hill
4/13/2013 Seattle WA TBD
4/14/2013 Portland OR Bender 2013
4/15/2013 Eugene OR Behavior Castle
4/16/2013 Reno NV Clark Lane Maull
4/17/2013 Sacramento CA Bows & Arrows
4/18/2013 Oakland CA The New Parish
4/19/2013 Los Angeles CA The Mezz Bar
4/20/2013 San Diego CA The Void