Tyler, The Creator, “IFHY/Jamba”

Tyler, The Creator isn't scared of you and he damn sure isn't scared of himself. In the video for new tracks "IFHY" and "Jamba," the OF mainstay proves that any creepy shit that he could possibly dream up, he's going after it with the subtlety of a gorilla, and just when you think you've settled in and are getting comfortable with his nightmare, he's going to flip it on you. The video follows a plasticized version of Tyler, pursuing a doll white lady, with Pharrell Williams crooning in the background. "I'm in loveeee" intones over the aggressively hurt rhymes, but with a suspicious sweetness that feels unfamiliar for Tyler. Before you can start to imagine Tyler softening up, a human-sized hand takes a lighter to the doll Tyler's face, burning him while he burns the screen with this unhinged, million-mile stare. He almost shouts "I'm in love" but you can tell it's confusing him. So let's change the pace.

The video then moves to a suburban car scene, where Hodgy Beats is behind the wheel, and Tyler is all aggression again, covering his daddy issues and blowjob imagery with the grace of a dumptruck. It ends abruptly, nearly cutting off the word "bitch," and without question, we've witnessed one of the more cohesive and artistic visual efforts from the rapper. The video was directed under Tyler's Wolf Haley alias, and the two songs are on his upcoming album, Wolf, which you can preorder here.