Police des Moeurs, “Échéance”

Montreal synthpop group Police des Moeurs have shared a new video for their enchantingly cold track "Échéance" and a severe, direct precedent has been set by the icy tones and freeflowing up-and-down beats. The feminine vocals and the airy movement are matched and complemented by the visuals on the screen of a mirror-image fencer in a duel with herself. It's a captivating kaleidoscope of images and dreariness, and it all serves to feel enraptured by the art of the image and the suppleness of the sound.

Polce des Moeurs have a 12" EP coming out on May 20 through Atelier Ciseaux, and tune back in next week to hear "Les mécanismes de la culpabilité" in full streaming at this site.