Premiere: Cherokee Red, “Mythomania”

When Cherokee Red's Brittany Thomas sings "made a mess of something really quite simple" the condition of pathological lying, aka mythomania, is summarized in a concise manner far more appropriate than any clinical definition. It's a lyric that assists in telling the story of the two girls who hardly make eye contact, let alone speak to one another. Whether they are friends or lovers, there is something between them, a disagreement and it boils down to a mess of something simple.

With the backwoods of Pennsylvania as the backdrop, the video for Cherokee Red's "Mythomania" places a simple life on display. But there's a darkness to the dream pop pleasantries. Whether it's the woods, the melting of wax to skin, the unspoken space between the two women, or the uncertainty of their dresses being of wiccan or quaker backgrounds gives "Mythomania" a cloak of mystery.

Cherokee Red's self-titled debut is out now via Bandcamp.