Premiere: Child Actor, “Reasons”

Child Actor released another music video from their new album Victory [Fake Four] directed by band member and beat-maker, Max Heath, for their song “Reasons”. The video features a medley of a ballet/ stage performance that involves hand shadow art, dancing and mocked instrument playing, a full show really.

The “Reasons” video isn’t entirely as visually experimental as Child Actor’s video for “If You Love Me” but perhaps this is due to the differences in sound between the two tracks, whereas “Reasons” does cater better to a more organic, less hip hop laden and extravagant emotional palette. Max Heath manages to keep the video contained to a specific color scheme, however; which is a nice unifying aspect to the performance. The video is strongest at its climaxes with Heath’s playfulness in video speed, slowing down the dancers head banging and synchronized jumping that gains momentum from the track’s beats opening up to that echoed full kit sound. Beyond that, the introductory shot pulling back from water pouring over a screen in front of the dancer is pretty slick. Seems like this guy has a knack for directing.

Child Actor’s record, Victory is currently available from Fake Four Records.