Premiere: Chocolate Robots, “Young Luff”

By far, the most adorable moment in this video chock-full of adorable moments comes about two-thirds of the way through, where, after having seen the brothers Chocolate Robot playing in their local video rental palace, a stage at a local festival, on the back of a truck, atop a playground apparatus, and many other locales, the boys play in the middle of a Chinese food buffet. The quick editing then brings us to the most adorable moment: the boys have obviously charmed two employees into banging on a standing tom and pretending to play guitar for a few minutes. The joy on the faces of these employees is apparent; their job has never been one where they got to have a little fun. After lugging pounds and pounds of General Tso's to the steam table, it's nice to take a party break.

We've spoken about Chocolate Robots before: yes, they have a terrible name but they also make charming little pop songs that are weirder than you think they are going to be, and this video is no different. It starts out with a love song, but then evolves into something a little more unexpected, staying blissfully cheerful the whole way through.