Premiere: Cobalt Cranes, “Head In The Clouds”

When Cobalt Cranes’ Kate Betuel rolls up beside your outstretched thumb on the street, you know you’re living every wanderer’s wet dream. Folded in with her humming vocals in the LA band’s new video for their debut album’s eponymous single, “Head in the Cloud,” the image of Kate’s bottle-blonde hair whipping through the wind as she swoops her purple Challenger through winding desert streets matches perfectly to the song’s momentum-holding beat, making for the perfect good-weather driving song, even if you have to hitch from your sofa.

In the video, the proud California kids make a quick pit stop to step into an alternative universe made up of rotating lights and rainbow guitars – you know, typical road trip times – before escaping back to the open road, all along bleached in sunshine and dyed in sparkling, shifting colors. Even with all the psych-out imagery, Cobalt Cranes have something more akin to alt-rock radio, when bands like the Cranberries were still buzzing through. A bit grunge-y, a bit shoe-gaze-y, a bit unreal, the LA duo definitely live up to their reputation, and even the ostrich inside of you who might want to keep your head down while spring is sprung won’t be able to help sticking its head in the clouds for this one.Cobalt Cranes’ Head in the Clouds is out this week via their own Anticc Records. The band’s currently circling the west coast, mostly. Check them out at the dates listed below.

Tour Dates:
18 Portland, OR – Kenton Club
21 Seattle, WA – Comet Tavern
22 Boise, ID – The Shredder
23 Salt Lake City,UT – Deluxe Bar
24 Denver,CO – Merchant Mile High Saloon
25 Lawrence, KS – Eighth St. Taproom
26 Tulsa, OK – Sound Pony
28 Austin, TX – Beerland
29 Dallas, TX – Club Dada
01 Tucson, AZ – HangArt
08, 15, 22, 19 – Los Angeles, CA – Lot 1 Cafe
18 San Diego, CA – Tin Can Alehouse
20 Palm Desert, CA – The Hood Bar