Premiere: Coke Weed, “Anklet”

Coke Weed's "Anklet" struts in on riffs that sound like they were strummed on the stars & stripes herself – pure Americana rock. The type of get free business the counter-culture dweebs in the video would have tuned out to with a colloquial "far out, man". Whether this is footage from a band members' uncle's personal collection or of the found variety, these are the characters Coke Weed admire most.

The Main-based band's "Anklet" is a ballad for the perpetual idiot stoner, the one who feels a flicker, but never the real thing. Lead singer Nina D. almost sounds like a p.o. with a silly crush on "Anklet". It's a song that goes out to that friend on drugs who's looking too hard for transcendence in the trip, the one willing to make a claim of cosmic order out of an anklet spinning in the undertow of the shoreline waters, while everyone else sees trash. Keep trying, my thick n' toasted babe.

Coke Weed's Back To Soft is out July 23.