Premiere: Fine Steps, “All Day Long”

When we were little kids—so long ago—we'd wonder what our friends with no siblings were up to when we were delighted by companion-full endless entertainment. They didn't have an other half to play with, share with, steal from, or want to strangle, so what could these only children be doing in their down time? With the new video from Julian Elorduy's Fine Steps, we've finally figured out what those lonely children were doing—tumbling in their back yards and filming it. The playful video from the Oakland performer is such a happy matchup with the sundrenched song that it feels like a rare instance of visual matching audio. It's organic.

The great part about the Fine Steps video is the accompanying 7" box set that it will surely inspire you to order from Volar Records. Strange Mutations Vol. 2 is a four-artist set of 7-inches that includes two songs each from Fine Steps, Cosmonauts, Teenage Burritos, and Lenz. You can get the scoop and the download on those here. Pick up the set and then roll around in the grass while listening. It's a reversion to childhood.