Premiere: Goldendust, “Far Away”

If New Order gave up the reunion touring life to focus its efforts on building a cult would you join it? If New Order promised that a spaceship was coming on the exhaust of a comet to show you the furtherest reaches of the universe would you buy black Nikes and sign up? What if wasn't New Order, but synth pop Midwesterners Goldendust?

Perhaps there's an alien landing strip in the corn fields on the outskirts of Iowa City that Goldendust is keen on. The synth duo is confident in its escapism possibilities on "Far Away", essentially promising that wherever "here" is, there's much further horizons to be had in their company. Futurism is practically synonymous with synth pop and Goldendust celebrate the history on "Far Away". The glitches are sonic signifers of esoteric button panels firing off as transmissions to beyond, the vocal manipulations are like android colleagues confirming travel calculations, and we've never felt more confident about the great beyond than when it comes from a voice resembling Ian Curtis's heavy croon. Where to, mate?

Goldendust's self-titled LP is out now on Night-People. Stream the entire LP here.