Dirty Beaches, “Neon Gods & Funeral Srippers”

Dirty Beaches’ Alex Zhang Hungtai made a music video for his hypnotically epic psychedelic track “Neon Gods & Funeral Strippers” with self-shot footage of planes, trains and boats, TV screens, fireworks, venues and, appropriately, quick flashing porno ads. The video is an abstract collection of shots but feels tied together in its dulled yellowed color scheme and slow, drawn out pacing that compliments the track’s drawn out repetition and wandering feel.

It definitely finds Hungtai on his more experimental, spaced out, retro aesthetic but more instrumental 70’s krautrock than lo-fi Elvis. The track comes from the Statement Split LP, the only Dirty Beaches track on the album, as well as more songs from US Girls, Slim Twig, and Ela Orleans. The LP is now out on Clan Destine Records.