Premiere: Grave Babies, “Fuck Off”

Seattle's Grave Babies invited the crew for a bender of video shoots (one of which included hanging out with FF) and rip-roaring nights as part of the Homesick series. On the stoop of a house dubbed Dandyland in the front lawn and a wi-fi network named "BloodFartMountain", Grave Babies performed "Fuck Off". Being that it was a stoop, the drums were arranged on the balcony in what resembles a makeshift version of an arena rock stage in the 80s – like something Tommy Lee might have been hoisted on during a solo.

IntoTheWoods asked lead Grave Baby, Danny Wahlfedt about their upcoming record Crusher on Hardly Art.

So who's playing on the new record?

That's just me in the basement, doing my thing.

Basement of this house?

No, not this house. Tyler (keyboard/drum machine) and I live not too far from here. The basement here is nice. My basement is the kind of basement where I have mold on my guitar neck.

What are you listening to lately?

A bunch of DJ Screw. I’ve been listening to a lot of rap. That’s primarily what I’ve been listening to.

And what are you writing songs about?

Uhhh they’re pretty much just all about depression and nihilism. A lot of nihilism going on.

You mean, given the current state of the world?

Yeah, everyone's like, "Oh hey, everything’s fine." But it’s not fine. But it doesn’t matter. That’s my philosophy on life. That's what the songs are about. With a little more romanticism.

Grave Babies' Crusher is out February 26 on Hardly Art.