Premiere: Juiceboxxx, “Like A Renegade”

It will only take 10 seconds of "Like A Renegade" to gather how the name Juiceboxxx stuck with the Milwaukee based rapper. He's wound the eff up in the residential streets putting everything he's got into his performance. Lawns are being watered, dogs are being walked, and thanks to Juiceboxxx whips are being ghost rode through the pieceful nieghborhood. When you craft a song that sounds like vintage Rick Rubin rap-rock, doing anything less betrays the rights earned from parties fought for decades ago.

Juiceboxxx raps about a "hole in his life that he can't escape", but that hole ain't slowing him down much. In the video he's disturbing the peace, in the verses he's throwing up in LA hotel pools, and it all amounts to a living will of YOLO. Even when the video directs him onto a busier street, Juiceboxxx is far from ashamed or concerned about the oncoming traffic as he struts down the road with his shirt open.

Juiceboxxx's I Don't Want To Go Into The Darkness is out now on Infinity Cat/Thunder Zone.