Premiere: Lazyeyes, “Wait”

Once there was a spiritual man who announced, "ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space". Following that day dream pop was left in orbit. For Brooklyn dreamers Lazyeyes the satellite sound is riding on the afterburners of a surfboard headed for the farest reaches. What the Spaceman never told us was that out there, in the great unknown are sentries with laser guns.

Animator Kevin Li's video for "Wait" takes us on an intergalactic journey that's 1 part The Last Star Fighter and 1 part 2001: A Space Odyssey, mostly when it gets psychedelic and confusing. Li's animation takes cues from Lazyeyes sonic terrain, as the reverbing tones do bring to mind radar transmissions, blipping endlessly. We are told there's no sound in space, and yet bands continue to write songs that we romanticize as dreamy and ethereal.

Lazyeyes' "Wait" is off thier self-titled EP dropping January 26.