Premiere: Philip Grass, “Sun And Moon Dance”

If bliss can be processed on a multitude of levels, Philip Grass' production on "Sun and Moon Dance" veers towards the tranquil side of the neurological reaction.

Philip Grass is the electronic duo of Burton Schaber and Ben Durfee. Originally formed in Massachusetts, the duo moved to Portland, OR in 2012 which ultimately led to becoming part of the Dropping Gems family. The Find EP is their first contribution to the label, encapsulating their sound into four serene tracks that breathe organic life into sample-based production. It is that quality to their sound that clearly spoke to director Axel Lacan when he crafted the video for "Sun and Moon Dance". He focuses on the narrative of microscopic life, the natural rhythm of liquids in conflict, and the sensual sway of billowing smoke.

Philip Grass' Find EP is streaming and available for order at Dropping Gems' Bandcamp.