Premiere: Taurus Scott, “Beat On The Drum”

Taurus Scott's video for "Beat On The Drum" takes the body high of edibles to a Willy Wonka-like psychedelia that would be a bad trip for most, but Scott handles it like a veteran stoner. With a few puffs from his cereal box prize, he's in an altered state of purple tracers, purple-eyed peers, and a purple-haired dandy gent in a purple blouse.

The name might not instantly jump off the page, but Taurus Scott cut his teeth as an in-house producer/engineer with Interscope during the heydey of G-Unit, Mase, Mike Jones, Cory Gunz, Mobb Deep and Nipsey Hussle. He played the background in their releases and with his stripes earned, moved out to LA to to diversify his skills as a DJ, playing Low End Theory LA and SF, The Flyball, The Echo, Exchange LA, and LA Beatdown "Music Box". He can rock a Top 40 club or flip science in the beat scene, which he proves with his self-titled debut on Hellfyre Club that flexes the signature wonky vibrations and a subterranean thump. Originally from Arizona, Scott sounds right at home among the competitive creators in LA. Honestly, if we hadn't told you he produced for G-Unit would you ever have guessed?

Taurus Scott's self-titled debut is out April 23 on Hellfyre Club and features guest appearances by Nocando and D-Styles.

Taurus Scott's album release party is April 24 at Low End Theory, for more info go here.

Scott will also join Low End Theory in Japan. To learn more go here.